Tarot Forecast for Week November 28th. Contentment,

Tarot forecast for November 28th, is contentment. After last weeks intense Ten of Swords, I am pleased we have a much more uplifting card. The Nine of Cups, which is positive water element, shows a man who is showing us a row of cups. They are filled to the brim with his efforts. Nine is the number of near completion. We know we have come far enough that we won’t fail or let ourselves down. This gent is celebrating what he has in his life and is inviting us in to view.

Contentment is a state of mind that influences whether we are happy or not. This card is about appreciating who we are and what makes us the way we are. If we accept ourselves and what we have, we will be more naturally happy in our life.

This week will bring us some wonderful moments of feeling achievement on an emotional level. Perhaps you should throw a party to celebrate something that is significant to you? Or maybe it is time to show off what you having been hiding that is precious and a source of happiness for you. This Tarot card is asking you to notice what there is to be contented about and spend some time with that.

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