Tarot card of the week. January 16th, 2023. Five of Cups.

This week’s card connects to deep loss and sadness. It is the moment when we realise that the thing we lost is forever gone. At this time we have two choices. We can stay lost in the feelings that are so painful to bear, the spilt cups, or we can lift up our heads and turn around to see what we still have that is not lost, the two full cups. This is focusing on positivity.

The Five of Cups, is a place of being stuck in sadness and disappointment. This does not have to be a current event. It may be thoughts and feelings dragging us back to sadder times. Observe your mind at this time. Are you leaning on your failings or focusing on what you can have instead? If we give in to the emotional state of this card, we can get trapped into believing we are a victim of failure and disappointment. 

This week, let us be aware of when you might get dragged back into any emotional sadness or victimhood. What is our habit? Do we feel helpless or do we move forward with positivity? Get to know what you do in these times. It is the unconscious mind that creeps in and overpowers us.