February 2023 Forecast

February 2023. This month we have two powerful female archetypes. Strength represents courage and healing during trying times. The Nine of Coins represents self worth, self value and the enjoyment of one’s wealth. 

February’s influence on us is good. These two ladies want us to find our inner confidence and power. We need to have faith in ourselves and not allow doubts to fester. This cuts us off from our natural wealth of talents and qualities. Be strong this month if you find yourself challenged when giving yourself what you need and want. These two cards are saying you deserve the best! Connect to your value and worth. Do not be afraid to be the greatest version of yourself. February 2023, could be the discovery of this or the it’s completion.

Strength is assuring us that valuing ourselves and enjoying abundance and prosperity is healing. This is especially true for women, who are often self doubters of their beauty and capabilities. I love this combination. Use their support well. Be beautiful in all ways that inspire you. You can do this, because what you wish to embody, you already have. You just have to give yourself the power and authority to embrace it! Loving yourself is the spiritual path of these two ladies. 

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