Valentines Day, 2023 in Tarot

For this Valentines Day, 2023, I have chosen two Tarot cards that help us to look at love from a more spiritual angle. I hope they inspire you and bring you much inner and outer love.

The Empress for Valentines Day.

The Empress is card number three of the Tarot deck Major Arcana. She is Venus, ruler of Libra. This sign relates to beauty and balance. The message in this card for us is to be completely comfortable with who we are. When we love ourselves in this way, we become balanced by being ourselves fully. Our natural beauty radiates through, and we can take our seat with ease in our own identity.  

The Empress is also pregnant. Through her maternal power, life grows beautifully in her. She brings into life, creative forces rather than struggles. Today, let’s be comfortable in ourselves and love ourselves and others fully. Whether we are in a couple or single, The Empress, is depicted alone in her own paradise, basking in the beauty of her own paradise. This is her life force. 

Bask in love. Rest in the beauty of creativity. Relax in your own self confidence and you’ll always be in a paradise of balance and love. 

The Ace of Cups for Valentines Day.

The Ace of Cups in the Tarot is the card of love. It is not dualistic or conditional ‘love’, it is true love. This card carries representations of the dove of peace, Christ’s Chalice, and the lotus of awakening. There is also a continuous, never ending flow of water coming from the cup. This is divine and holy love. It is the Bodhicitta that we all have within us. The hand presenting the Chalice to us reminds us that love is a gift. If we take it for granted or abuse it, we will forget it and lose it. 

The real gift of this card is that it reminds us we have this love. If we feel giddy with love today, or sad that we do not, look to that heart feeling. That is still an expression of love. If we continuously go to the source of all our emotions, we will be reminded of the unwavering love that lies within us. This is the gift we all have in equal measure, just some people have access to it  more than others. Let today be a reminder of your own unconditional love. Make this Valentines Day genuinely loving for everybody. 

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