Tarot forecast for week of March 6th, 2023. Emotional Challenges.

This week we have pulled a Major Arcana, Tarot card N0 18, The Moon. We are faced with looking at intense emotional challenges and feelings that are coming up. These may have been long buried.  We may also experience and relive secrets and betrayals. Our psyches are rich with information and guidance at this time, so we should be willing to totally feel what we experience. Yes, this card is intense, and this week is going to be just as intense. 

The watery sensitivity in this card allows us to feel into ourselves during this Pisces time. As practitioners, it is our purpose to recognise what is buried and numbed out and to start working with that. As in Tantra, we work with our emotions and our fears to create a path. This may seem fraught with difficulties, as depicted by the towers and the dogs, but that path is there, waiting for us to tread down it and we all have to tread it. The more we do this, the easier life will get and the less we will bury and avoid discomfort. 

This walkway allows for emotional honesty and emotional challenges to be purified. We have to get to a point where we realise we can not emotionally abuse others, get angry with them and ourselves and lash out because we do not like them or ourselves. We need to protect ourselves and others against negative projections this week. Look into your mind and your emotions and know this is an important time to be gentle but firm. It is time to get out of the muddy habitual fear based emotions and walk on to freedom and release. 

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