Tarot forecast for week of March 20th, 2023. Passion.Knight of Rods and Queen of Coins. 

Wow! What a great combo we have this week. Following on the heels of Ace of Rods from the week before, we are blessed again with a super energy fire element. Knight of Rods is all about going for it with passion. Sometimes he can be too zealous and get us into trouble, but harnessed by the Queen of Coins, I feel this week can give us a much needed energy and inspiration boost. The Knight is adventure and passion, and the Queen is accomplishment through grounded power. If we can stay on our feet with her earth element energy, we can harness our passion in a much more productive and beneficial way. 

If you want something this week that is good for your long term growth, then go for it! Rouse your energy and passion to make this happen for you. After all, it is only ourselves that can get us to where we want to be. This is a great combo to remind us that nobody can do it for us, we have to do it for ourselves. These two cards can help us to commit to our future by staying on track and keeping the fires of passion for life alive. 

Lastly, with this combo, if we want something to happen that requires money to do it, then start a savings plan. If you are consciously building up for your dream, it becomes real and grounded. If we do not support our dreams and passion with earth energy, then fire element aspect of this duo can make us impatient and frustrated. I’d say this is a mature and accomplished Capricorn guiding a young Aries to make something great from their amazing connection to Mars energy. 

This may also indicate finding a mentor or some one who succeeded in what you want to do. Ask them for advice. Aries energy can make us forget the need to be humble and learn from others. Making a helpful connection will help this week. 

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