About Louise, Tarot Reader

Louise, giving a reading, photo taken by a client.

My Background

I have been a Tarot reader and personal development guide for over 30 years and I never stop developing my skills. People and Tarot are a source of joy to me and you should be able to feel that from a good reader. My readings are imbued with wisdom, clarity and insight. My aim is to help clients to understand their lives more clearly, and to help them develop their own inner wisdom. They can then support themselves and become more empowered in their day to day lives.

I am a natural intuitive and I began learning Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry and Graphology at 13 years old. My Aunt was an Astrologer and Tarot reader also, and she encouraged me to read intuitively, not just from books.

I have lovingly built up a loyal and international client base who come from Alaska to Auckland. I have been a reader at the world famous esoteric shop, Watkins, in London, and Crystal way esoteric shop in San Francisco, where I lived for five years. in 2011, I moved most of my services to online and this has opened a whole world to me of amazing clients.

Developing Intuitive Wisdom Through Buddhism

After the death of my Mother at the age of 25, I found Buddhism. This changed my life and perspective of what wisdom is, forever. I quickly connected with authentic Wisdom Masters who very kindly accepted me as their ‘spiritual friend’ and began to teach me the basics of meditation and the teachings of the Buddha. I spent several years living in Northern India between 2001 and 2006. Here I studied with great Teachers such as His Holiness Dalai Lama. I then did periods of time, alone in retreat. I spent time in various power places around the Himalayas and at pilgrimage places such as Bodh Gaya Bhutan and Sikkim. Without my Teachers, I could not develop wisdom and insight at such a deep level. All of my training compliments and deepens my skills as an Intuitive reader perfectly.

“Louise has given very insightful readings to me on a regular basis since 2015. What she does is so much more than a “tarot “ reading. She is a very warm and intuitive lady who has the skills to pinpoint the problematic areas of my life. She helps me identify my strengths and coping strategies. What I like most about her is how genuine and positive she is about life. Louise is a very unique person. A reading by her always opens a door to infinite possibilities. “

Sophia R. USA

My Approach to Reading

I am so fortunate to connect with others through the Tarot. My readings are direct, light hearted and sincere, and I get straight down to the most important information. My approach centres around wisdom, clarity and insight, to deal with both positive and challenging situations. I use metaphors and analogies to connect you easily to what you need to know and work with. Clients can tangibly work with my guidance for months and even years after a session.

My cards are magical. Really.

The Deck

My Morgan Greer deck has been with me for over 20 years. They go every where with me, including to many sacred Buddhist and Christian Mystical sites. Glastonbury, is my favourite place to recharge them. The cards are especially unique due to having them blessed by many great Masters, including His Holiness Dalai Lama. These Masters who have had readings with them, and made prayers over them, have infused the cards with their own wisdom eyes. In this way, who ever has a reading with these cards, will benefit from the incredible energy they hold. This makes them very precious and unique, and I believe they hold a particularly powerful vibration of healing and clear wisdom.

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