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Learning Tarot and finding a Teacher

Would you like to learn the Tarot? Do the cards intrigue you and you’d like to know more? I promise my knowledge will make your classes and learning experience enjoyable and deep. It is important to find the right person to teach you. Remember that they are passing their knowledge and personal interpretations down to you. How deeply do you think they understand the cards and on how many levels? There are 78 cards and there is a lot to know and remember. It is also what makes learning so fun and fascinating. I relate to tarot as an alive and magical instrument that invokes our inner wisdom. The cards are Muti dimensional and contain numerous meanings.

My Advice

The best way to learn the Tarot is get to know the basics and then keep doing practice readings. This is how I got better and better over the years. I have lived over half my life with the cards. I connect with them everyday. As my clients are all over the world I see new flavours of the cards from many different backgrounds and cultures. My personal studies have included looking into traditional archetypes, particularly Carl Jung, and just feeling the cards in general.

How I Teach One to One Classes

Learning the Tarot with me is an organic process. We will do lots of mini readings together as it is best for you to read as soon as possible so you can grow your intuition and personal reading style. I want you to find your own voice as reader. When you do find it, it is a magical experience and it quickly develops and becomes smooth and easy to connect with.

What Happens in a Class?

I am a creative and flexible tarot teacher. I do not just tell you the cards meanings, that would be very boring for you and you can read many books about this. My classes encourage you to do the exploring and talk through the cards in your own particular way. Tarot tells the story of many different journeys and places in life. In a class with me, I encourage you to discover these through your own emotional connection with the cards. Imagine you are looking at paintings and talking about how they make you feel and what you see about them. That’s how I teach. First impressions of cards are very important. I can teach you a single class, or a series of sessions catered to your level of understanding and what interests you most.

Topics covered:

  • The Major and Minor Arcanas
  • The Suits and the four elements
  • Male/Female principles in the Tarot
  • The significance of numbers
  • Colour and symbolism
  • Spreads and how to read for yourself and a client
  • Using your intuition
  • Dos and don’ts of reading
  • Qualities of a great reader.

I have accumulated a great deal of knowledge over the past 27 years and love passing on to my students what I know. My understanding of tarot has been developed by the 1000’s of clients I have read for over the years. It is my clients who have taught me the tarot. We have endless emotions, experiences and destinies and it is peoples live who teach you what the cards mean. If you’d like to know more about my classes please contact me on my bookings page and we can connect.

The cards hold many rich symbols and imagery, which make the Tarot so enjoyable to learn.