Tarot Services

The Tarot Is a Magical Map of Your World

60 Min Web Reading (£80-£60 sliding scale)

A one to one tarot reading session will give you a deeply connective experience to yourself. Think of this as ‘me time’ because it is. This in depth reading gives you space to work with any aspect of your life and whatever guidance you need. During this hour of clarity and insight, I give you a personal reading about where you are and what your purpose and direction are at this time. I then give you an annual reading and leave time towards the end to answer any other questions that you might still have. This session is reflective and I encourage you to connect with your own intuition and self awareness.

30 Min Session (£40-£30 sliding scale)

This 30 min tarot reading session gives you the most essential advice that will help you. You can ask questions, or I can give you a concise version of the hour option.
A 30 min session can be a continuation session. Maybe you’d like to book a series of tarot readings that motivate you to your goals? We can work on your work/personal choices at your pace. Tarot can bring you to the place you want to be with intuitive coaching for however long you need it.

Recorded Readings 1-3 Questions (£15)

This recorded reading allows you to ask up to three questions for just £15. You can ask about almost anything you need to know. This is a great option if you are looking for clarity, but you don’t feel it’s time to have a full reading. I will send your reading to you within 48 hours and it can be downloaded. This service is very popular for those on a budget or are between readings and want a quick check in.

Self Development & Personal Growth Coaching (£80-£40 sliding scale)

We all need supportive and a positive energy to build our dreams. Intuitive coaching provides this with a spiritual twist. Whether it is professional or personal, I provide focus, feedback and enthusiasm to move projects and personal dreams forward. My skills come from a business development background and the ability to tune in to what can work best for you and what is better to put down. In these meaningful sessions we work on both your personal development and confidence. I offer ideas, brainstorming and encouragement in every session. These are three essential ingredients to finding what is inspiring for you, what has wheels to move forward and what will give you long term happiness if you follow through.

The intuitive tarot aspect is what makes my motivation service so special. We take a close look at your motivation and passion and develop this until it is strong. This is what is going to power you to succeed.

Self Development & Personal Growth coaching requires a minimum of two or more sessions. series of sessions to get from an idea to reaching a goal. Often, I am there for part of it, sometimes for all of it. Maybe you’d just like a single session to get some clarity and encouragement. Get in touch so we can talk about creating a motivation package that suits you.

Romantic Compatibility: Single? Who Do You Need In Love? (£80-£60 sliding scale)

We all fall in love and unfortunately we all get hurt too. In between these two places there are worlds of emotions, experiences and lessons to be learned. We can all do with help to look at our behaviours in our love life. Romantic Compatibility services are available and you can read more about them on this page

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