Personalised Monthly Tarot Forecasts

Personalised monthly Tarot reading

Positive Insight For Your Life

Personalised monthly Tarot forecasts are a unique and wise way to get your life into better focus. This service provides you with an intuitive ‘heads up’ for when opportunities are coming, and what will be influencing you month to month. These meaningful readings are filled with positivity.
They can help you plan for any area of your life. I provide you with a detailed reading showing you your strengths and the opportunities that can lie ahead for you.

Each Month’s Reading Includes:

  • An overview of each month, using six cards:
  • A main focus card.
  • Highlight of the month.
  • What direction you need to take.
  • What we do not know yet
  • Your energy and outlook for the month
  • A ‘helpful advice’ card.
  • Photos of the cards so you can work with them visually.
  • The readings always come with a positivity boost, no matter what is going on.

Please use the contact form on the bookings page for signing up. I currently have a wait list.

Sample Reading

An example of how your monthly spread will look

To find out more about booking your personalised monthly Tarot forecasts, you can contact me here.