I love my clients. They all have something very special about them.

Here are some testimonials from Louise’s clients. You can also go to her Facebook page to read more reviews and ratings about what people get out of a session with her, and why she is their regular reader.

“Louise is one of the smartest, kindest and most perceptive people I know. In the many years she’s been reading Tarot for me we’ve dealt with some major life decisions. She’s never been wrong”.

Lisle Turner, Film Maker

“The great thing about Louise is that she makes the process so easy and relaxing. I’ve found her insight enormously helpful in helping me resolve some long standing family and emotional issues. I’ve found a consistency and depth to her readings I have never experienced anywhere else. I would recommend Louise with all my heart and soul to anyone seeking guidance in any area of their life”.

Cathy D., London

“Louise is not only an exceptionally gifted ‘sensitive’, but her years as a spiritual practitioner informs and authenticates her psychic readings. I am always blown away by the accuracy and intelligent instruction that shines through. I strongly urge anyone interested in guidance and future forecast to pay her a visit”.

Georgia G., LA

“I have been having my cards read by Louise for 4 years now, My first reading ‘changed’ my life, well it cemented what i already knew i had to do. having the cards reaffirm was the confidence i needed to jump off that cliff, everything has been so very powerful ever since and i continue to check in with Louise to refine and shape. Its like having a vision board,I know inherently what to do, the cards give a visual and detailed landscape to the potential of what i know, so the path is lit with clear markings. It gives a sense of peace to rest and trust in. I am so happy to have discovered the friendship and guidance of Louise”.

Ricky Lee. G. S. Africa

“Louise is a strong, clear, and supportive advisor. Everyone, king or pauper, needs to have someone in their life who can see beyond the immediate and cut to the heart of the matter. Louise does that. She’s a trusted friend, a supporter, an advisor, a coach… Call it what you will, Louise has the ability to bring the present into focus, see the influences, currents and eddies, and explain the implications in a clear and simple way. She’s done this for everyone I know who’s consulted her. Louise is gifted with the ability to really see – she’s a seer – and she clearly communicates what she sees”.

Bakes Mitchell, Halifax, Canada

“Louise is a truly special person. When I need to reconnect with my true self, she always helps to plug me back in. Without giving her any details of my life, she can pick up on even the most obscure things that have been happening and without fail. She is a genuinely kind person, with a sincere wish to help others. Louise’s vibrant character and wonderful sense of humour make these readings not only profoundly insightful, but also absolutely delightful! I recommend her as a gifted and reliable psychic”.

A.M. Martin, Vancouver, Canada

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this reading.
Again, I find extraordinary your ability to not only answer clearly  the issue asked, but to point out the subtler obstacles  that need to be dealt with first, and how the perspective of continuing my work looks like.
It’s wonderful, as that’s what I’ve been asking myself. I will actually write in private to several friends to recommend you, as that would have better results than waiting for them to ask for a help from a tarot reader.”.

Ioana. P. Mexico

Crystals are a beautiful support for seeing clearly.

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  1. Louise is a truly gifted and attuned friend and advisor! She’s a channel of insight and light that shines bright into the essence of what’s going on in one’s life, right at the time.

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