Welcome to Tarot by Louise

Welcome to Tarot by Louise. My tarot services are designed to get people thinking about themselves more deeply, as well as read their futures. With decades of experience, I can interpret the cards on multiple levels for you.

Tarot by Louise, is a service and resource to help you develop your intuition and connect to your wisdom more strongly. Here you can learn about the services I offer. My tarot readings support personal and spiritual self development. This can be deepened using the images in Tarot. My mission as a reader, is to make Tarot more friendly, accessible and better understood as a self help tool. I de-mystify Tarot and intuition. I bring them down to an earthly level that is much more workable and practical.

Tarot Is…

Tarot is rich with symbology and archetypes that reflect back to us where we are in our lives. The tarot deck has 78 pictures that tell stories to help us understand ourselves on a much deeper level. It is a universal language, and it is a highly creative way to ‘look inside’. Tarot cards act as a bridge between myself and the client and their wisdom. Images, symbols, elements and numbers, give me in depth information about you and your life. Sometimes, we just want confirmation that our decisions can be the right ones. My readings help people to feel more clear and assertive about their choices.

Tarot is a Deep, Personal Journey

Life is not simple, and we need clear and insightful advice to do this. The cards ask questions that we wouldn’t think to ask ourselves, but when asked, it is helpful and stimulating. It is a deep personal journey into the sub conscious, dreams and inner needs.
You can read all about me and my background here. 

I have been lucky enough to receive several readings from Louise. She is remarkable – her down to earth manner belies a deep and profound understanding of human nature and this shines through in her readings, which are full of insight…it’s uncanny when you reflect back on the readings after several months have passed, only to find that she was absolutely bang on. Highly, highly recommend Louise’s readings. Thank you, Louise x

C. Allen. UK

Queen of Swords, the holder of female wisdom.

I believe that if you can imagine having a friendly cup of tea and a chat with me, then you’ll probably have an enjoyable reading too. If you are new to the Tarot, or have questions, and you would like to meet her before booking a reading, please get in touch through the bookings page, and I can introduce myself to you and how I read.