Four Paws Animal Communication.

Four Paws is an intuitive animal communication service. My approach is gentle and informative.
A session provides information that helps to put the puzzle pieces together for you and your pet. As an animal lover and a Buddhist, I believe all beings are individuals and deserve happiness equally. It is deeply sad to me that we can not completely understand animal language and they do not understand ours. They can only try to tell us and we can only make a guess. Multiple situations can arise where we don’t understand what they want to tell us. Their feelings though are much easier to tune into, and that is what I work with, along with images that come into my mind. I find dogs communicate messages like a small child would, and cats are definitely their own bosses and seem to come from another world.

I work with the Tarot as my main animal communication tool. I have been a Tarot Reader for 33 years and I discovered I could read for animals when we got our first rescue cat. The cards described to me how she was feeling and what she needed from us and for herself. This helped her to settle in with me much easily. Working with the Tarot cards helps me to clearly see what your pet’s situation is about. The imagery in the deck of 78 cards, illustrates a full range of emotional and mental states and feelings. Animals feel many of these as well as humans. I tune into your pet by asking a series of questions, and then pick the cards that express their experience. In my experience as an animal communicator, they are open and responsive when they can feel our care and we are focusing on their needs.


I am located in the UK. I mostly provide my services online, via zoom/skype/whatsapp, and I help many international clients. I offer 30 mins and 60 mins sessions. We will explore whatever issues and questions you want to bring. I provide a full list of questions that you can ask about your pet to make sure all areas are explored. You can book a session by using the contact form at the bottom of this page to make an appointment.

I want to support and benefit animals as much as possible. For every session I give, I will donate a minimum of £10 to 
Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, UK. They help over 4,000 animals and are always in need of funds.

I want to support and benefit animals as much as possible. For every session I give, I will make a donation to
Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, UK. They help over 4,000 animals and are always in need of funds.

Areas I Offer Help In

Health Concerns

When our pets become sick, this can be stressful and upsetting. My readings can help to find the causes and reasons for your pets suffering. Quite often, unexplained and sudden health issues in your pet have an emotional basis. I recommend you get veterinary advice as they are the experts. Although animal communication can feel into the reasons and causes of a health situation, please always seek a Vets advice afterwards.

Challenging Habits
Nervousness and anxiety
Over excited energy
Aggressive behaviour
Separation issues
Isolation issues
Grief from a loss
Behaviours and Habits

These are some of the common behaviour issues I can look into:

Rescue Animals

Having a session can be particularly valuable if your animal is a rescue. We can explore their background and how their life was before you met each other. The cards can reveal what they experienced before you came into their life, and how they might still be affected. I can give advice based on what needs to be considered in your relationship from those experiences. Sometimes pets had previous owners who you can not talk to. I can tune in to what their day to day life was like with them, and explore if they had any particular routines that they might miss having.

Sample Questions That can be Asked

Here is a selection the questions I can ask your pet in a session.

  1. Are you happy?
  2. Do you like your environment?
  3. What do you not like so much about your environment?
  4. What are you sensitive to that makes you less happy, nervous, scared?
  5. Do you feel you get out enough and get enough exercise?
  6. Do you like the places you get taken to?
  7. What would you like more of?
  8. Do you feel mentally/physically stimulated enough?

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. You will find my fees on the bookings page. I am happy to answer any questions and I look forward to supporting you and your furry friend(s) soon!


I am so fortunate to connect so many special animals and their people. Here are some reviews of my work.

Jennifer and Sparkle the Dog, Oregon, USA. 

“Thank you, Louise, for your helpful Tarot reading, your genuine presence, and all the beneficial information you shared! I appreciated learning insights and recommendations to fine tune some of Sparkle’s needs and also add new activities for him to experience even more joy in his life”!

Jennifer Bowers

Margot and  Betty the Dog, Marin, CA, USA

“ Betty and I had an incredible time with Louise. She really seemed to understand my dog from a soul perspective and see past her cuteness and confirm what I had always felt to be true. Her warmth and ability to express Betty’s feelings impressed me. Her services are genuinely helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a spiritual connection to their Pet”.

Naomi and Diesel the Dog, CO,USA 

“I was fortunate to be able to have a reading with the animal communicator and tarot reader Louise Rodd for help with my dog Diesel. I adopted him in the middle of the pandemic from his previous owner who worked far from home, leaving his pet alone for too many hours. Diesel was nine when I got him and has settled in well, but has some unexplainable behaviours that I have been curious about. Also, I wanted to know if he was happy with me and if there was anything that I could do to improve his life. 

Louise’s reading was highly beneficial. She was kind and straightforward in her reading and was very reassuring — but she did not hold back from giving suggestions that I was not so happy to hear. For example, she said Diesel would enjoy meat treats or a big bone to gnaw on. I am a vegetarian, and although I feed him a dry food formula with chicken, I do not have any meat in my home and did not consider that as an option. I highly recommend reading with Louise — it will enrich your life with your animal companion.

Julie and Pearl the Cat, CA, USA 

I was thrilled to be able to receive a Tarot reading from Louise for my beloved furry-mate, Pearl.  It was so reaffirming and fun to hear what Pearl might be feeling and experiencing as we share the world together.  It felt like some kind of renewal of our vows to be there for each other, as witnessed by Louise’s reading.  Louise is also comprehensive in her scope of inquiry, from talking about the origin story to health to environment to current needs of my furry friend.  I really enjoyed this experience and it has me talking to Pearl in a refreshingly updated way.  Thank you Louise!!

Kelly and Lily the Dog, UK

Louise guided us through our first pet tarot with my Cavalier King Charles Lily.I have done tarot readings before, but never with my dog, so it was really interesting to explore the space with Lily in mind. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Louise led the session in a lovely way, guiding us gently through. Louise had questions ready to ask on understanding how Lily felt about certain topics and situations but she also encouraged me to bring questions to the session which I wanted to know and learn about how Lily was feeling.

Specifically for me it was about understanding around Lily’s health as she’s been having some back problems so it was interesting to explore some of her feelings and what was coming through in the cards.The reading with Louise helped to give me some reassurance and guidance on Lily in what was coming up for her. If you are looking for some guidance or have any specific questions, then I’d wholly recommend booking with Louise. It was a lovely experience.

Zoe, Trixie and Quill the Dogs, UK

Louise immediately put both dogs and myself at ease and had (prior to the consultation) suggested I consider some questions to ask. This was very useful, but Louise had also come prepared with suggestion questions that I had not thought of, which were also explored and proved most revealing. 

As the readings progressed, I felt as though Louise had known my dogs their entire lives. She drew out key aspects of character and how best I can support these. Health issues explored highlighted some very useful, practical ways to improve a medical specific condition and consider underlying confidence bolstering. 

By connecting with my dogs in a completely non-invasive way, it was clear that what I know to be their personalities came through and were skillfully interpreted to reveal more subtle information most difficult for a dog to express effectively. 

After the readings I feel I have a deeper understanding of my dogs inner emotional needs, their relationship with me and each other and what is important to them. I would recommend Louise’s services wholeheartedly to anyone wishing to develop their relationship and understanding of their dog – which, in an ideal world, would be all dog guardians.

Jay Alper and Boo the Cat, AZ, USA

Louise’s tender intuitive caring and sharing her gift illuminated some inherent blind spots in my thoughts on my cat/human relationship. Louise’s reading inspired simple practical changes to increase our capacity for adaptability and as ways to maintain our strong bond regardless of geographical location. Beyond my main query, I was empowered with information that will only ultimately increase the quality of this beautiful kitten’s life and subsequently have a positive residual impact on my health. Ultimately, I take better care of myself because of Boo and the greatest outcome of the reading is a refined roadmap forward toward optimal health and our enjoyment of life together.

Thank you, Louise. Having Boo’s cards read was a lovely meaningful experience and I’m so grateful. In quite a few ways I feel I understand her more.

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animal communication services by Tarot by Louise. An Intuitive way to understand your pet and their unique needs.