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All knowledge lies within.

“Louise has a rare combination of sensitivity and warmth coupled with clarity and directness. Very empowering as she always brings you back to your own wisdom. Incredibly helpful”.

K.P. Netherlands


I have revised my prices as of Nov 28 2019, after four years of not raising them. This decision reflects my experience and ability as a Reader, and to reflect better the range of client budgets who I read for.

∞ 60 minute session – £85-65 sliding scale ∞

∞ 30 minute session – £45-£35 sliding scale ∞

∞ One to three question readings, recorded, only £15. ∞

Personalised Monthly Recorded Forecast: £30 three months
/ £55 six months

Tarot Classes can be bought individually or as a package. Please contact me to discuss what kind of classes would suit you. I can work to your experience level and budget. Classes are around £60-£40 sliding scale, depending on how many you choose to have.

Please be aware that online readings can some times suffer from technical glitches, wifi issues etc. If this happens, I may have to reschedule at no cost to you. This rarely happens, usually only in remote areas of Australia.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch, and I will get back to you very soon.