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All of my services are priced on a sliding scale of affordability. This gives people an opportunity to pay what they can honestly afford within the price ranges. Please note, if you honestly can not afford this payment scale, get in touch and I can give you a further discount, if you are financially restricted.

∞ 60 minute session – £85-65 sliding scale ∞

∞ 30 minute session – £45-£35 sliding scale ∞

∞ One to three question readings, recorded, only £15. ∞

∞ Personalised Monthly Recorded Forecast: £36 three months ∞
/ £68 six months (with £5 discount included) That’s just £12 a month!

Private one to one Learn Tarot classes: £85-£65 for 1 class, then discounted when you purchase class packages of 3/5/7/10)

Please Read Before You Book!

I am an intuitive. My guidance is practical and focused on what the cards feel you need to hear the most. My reading style does not suit people who are  looking for a ‘fortune teller’, who tells them how much money they will have and give them a story they want to hear. I am more like an intuitive counsellor. My readings suit people who need guidance based around self-work, positively assessing their lives, spiritual and life path advice, career/home/life/waking up. I suit people who want to work on themselves and want to know their best purpose and direction. As well as all of this, my readings, can help in making decisions for your life and any forks in the road etc. Here’s a link to my web site’s page, What happens in a session?

Please be aware that online readings can some times suffer from technical glitches, wifi issues etc. If this happens, I may have to reschedule at no cost to you. This rarely happens, usually only in remote areas of Australia.

“Louise has a rare combination of sensitivity and warmth coupled with clarity and directness. Very empowering as she always brings you back to your own wisdom. Incredibly helpful”.

K.P. Netherlands

Please use the contact form below to get in touch, and I will get back to you very soon.