Romantic Compatibility

So, you’d like to find love?

Louise has helped a wide range of people to develop a deep understanding about themselves, and their sub-conscious drives and decision making in love and life.

Single? Have you asked yourself these questions?
  • What is it stopping me meeting the right kind of person?
  • Why do I struggle to meet a partner who ‘gets me’?
  • Why do I magnetise to the wrong ‘type’?

A session with Louise, addresses these questions, and reveals what kind of person you need, and who would best benefit from your own attributes. This is a very personal way to go deeper into yourself,  revealing key aspects about you that may be hidden or suppressed.

The building blocks to making a relationship stick, is self acceptance and connecting with your qualities and strengths. Once you have these, contentment will come and the need for someone to ‘complete us’ will end. A session with Louise, can help you to achieve this.

Are you clear on your love goals?
Is self acceptance and self worth on the list?

  In a relationship? Do you ask these questions?
  • How can we make this last?
  • Do we hear and understand each others needs?
  • How can we be better partners for each other?
  • Why do we argue?

A couple session, whether together or individually, helps to work with current dynamics  and habits between you and a partner. This can help deepen your relationship, whether it is thriving or struggling.

A session also reveals what lies within us, to make love workable. This intuitive guidance is a great way to know if a particular union is beneficial or a hindrance.

Love Forecasts
  •  Does your love interest fit the bill?
  • How does this relationship look long term?

If you have some one in mind, or you’ve been waiting on some one for a long time, Louise can show you how likely it is that it can work, or if there is another, better relationship coming your way. Louise has given forecasts to hundreds of clients that saves them time and heart break. Almost all of them admitted after a reading, that they knew deep down it wouldn’t work, but emotions were driving them. Louise refers to these readings as ‘avoiding heart car crashes’! Louise is VERY confident of the accuracy of these predictions.

Louise is not a qualified relationship counsellor.  Her guidance and clarity come from decades of helping others intuitively in this area, and her own life experiences. If you are looking for a non intuitive service, Louise is not the right fit.

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I wish you happiness,
I wish you contentment,
I wish you inner satisfaction.

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