Why Have a Tarot Reading? Read more…

Why have a Tarot reading? People have Tarot readings for a variety of reasons. They might be at a crossroads in their relationships, their job, and it is difficult to see rationally what the best decisions are. Or they like to get a forecast of the year ahead. The Tarot shows us our inner wisdom that knows and sees all. Nothing is fixed in stone in the Tarot, it is more like getting a personal weather report of what is coming in and when we may need an umbrella or sun screen. It shows us windows of opportunity that we may otherwise not be aware of.

Having a Tarot reading has many benefits. It gives clarity and direction to our life. A reading can assist in making decisions when we have choices to make. Tarot cards can act as a ‘personal guide’, showing us the best way we need to go in our paths and in our growth. Tarot is so much more than predictions. It is an opportunity to explore and understand who we are and our different levels of consciousness. Reasons to have a reading are pretty limitless. You might want an annual reading, a forecast for the year ahead, if you like to plan. Every session I give is customised to each client, as an individual.

“I can’t recommend Louise highly enough. She is incredibly warm and immediately made me feel at ease. Her reading was spot on and gave me a lot to think about. I highly recommend getting a reader from her if you are at any sort of crossroads in your life, or even just for general guidance.”.

Rebecca V. NJ, USA