April 9th: Nine of Cups: Happiness

Today’s tarot reading is The Nine of Cups, the card of emotional fulfilment and achievement. It is quite uncanny that I just posted today’s affirmation card on my Instagram feed and it was “I choose happiness”. So today, is about making the choice to be happy and to make that your focus for the whole day. If you are having a hard time and this seems far away from you then this card asks you to think back to your past achievements and success stories. Remind yourself of positive experiences and use those memories to feel happy. Even if it feels like looking into the past is futile, it is not, as it is bringing you back to a time that can be remembered fondly.

Happiness can come when you appreciate even your small efforts in life. There is so much to be happy about. You are alive and that is worth celebrating. If you have lost a loved one recently, try to celebrate the good that person did and the love connection you’ll always have together. Happiness never has to be lost on misery and apathy. You do not have to be ‘jolly’ all the time, that is unrealistic. True happiness is being connected to positive energy and to life. Genuine happiness is based on appreciating what we have and being thankful for it.

Key words For The Nine of Cups

  • Being proud of who you are
  • Appreciating all your have
  • Feeling grateful for your successes and achievements
  • Happiness
  • Emotional fulfilment
  • Connecting to positive energy

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