July 8th: Card of The Week: Hard Work.

Hard work and happiness come from our own efforts, not only luck. This week’s Tarot cards are a perfect combination to show us this truth.

The Nine of Cups, is emotional fulfilment, and happiness that comes from a sense of pride. This week we should tune into what we have recently achieved. The element of water in this card indicates we need to feel the success on a emotional level, not just a worldly satisfaction level. Life should feel good this week. If you are struggling or are challenged, this week could help you to overcome your hurdles. The Nine of Cups, says, ‘you have worked hard’ and ‘shine in the light of who you are and what you do’.

Be happy and give recognition for what you grow in your life. This especially applies to relationships, circles of friendship, and the love in general. Relationships can not continue without nurturing and care from your side.

Justice, a rather austere card, and one of the more powerful major arcana tarot cards, gives this reading a deeper meaning for the week and a warning to us. Whatever happiness, success and good times we experience, this has come from the result of our own past actions. So, if we want our happiness to keep growing and life to flow, how we act is important. All of our actions plant seeds, which grow in accordance with what we did as we planted. So, have a good heart, always be honest and kind. Then the scales that Justice holds will be in your favour. This belief is Buddhist and Universal Law.

You are in a good position this week to plant some pivotal seeds for your future. Plant hard and with strong intentions, and your efforts of hard work will soon be rewarded.

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