Card of The Week: July 22nd:Time To Move On.

‘Time to move on’. How does that sound to you? Exciting? Scary? Confusing? This week’s card, Six of Swords, is a powerful card, full of catharsis and transformative energy.

This week has a opportunity waiting for you to leave behind whatever is not good for you anymore. Move yourself into the new and unknown without fear and doubt. It’s a time to leave relationships, connections, places, jobs that hold us back and stop us from growing. Time to move on, means, accepting what needs to change, whether your heart is heavy or happy. This tarot card, indicates that where we will end up after the move, will be better for us. This Swords card, wisdom, encourages us to be in tune with what we know is best for us. Do not get trapped by emotional ties or guilt.

This week, be brave with your life and start to put yourself where you can be stronger. Get on a boat that steers you to a place that is better aligned with who you are, now.

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