November 20th: Ten of Swords.

Today’s Tarot card is the The Ten of Swords. What is it that needs to finish in your life? What is it you need to stop doing? This powerful card depicts a cold blooded end. This card has strong energy and it has elements of the Tower card from the Major Arcana. There is something undeniable in us that needs to be tuned into and understood.

Know that it is important to examine your ideas and plans at this time. Are they really a good thing start? Sometimes this card is also telling us that certain ideas will not bear fruit and so it is better to move on. 

The swords in the card are elements of our own mental energies. Some are focus, some are the ability to make the right decision and others are wisdom taking necessary action. Often in life, we are responsible for making radical change and end what is not good for us anymore. It is a job no one likes to do. Just accept that this card is saying something has died in it’s time of being in your life. This can be positive too!

The Ten of Swords is often a sign of being freed from something difficult. It is not solely pain, although it looks that way. Something difficult is ending and you can move on and put your energy and heart elsewhere. 

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